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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mega Sketch Telephone Time

This is a favorite game among some of my friends. It's like the telephone game in which you whisper a phrase around from person to person and the last person says aloud something different and it's all funny... but with sentences and drawings only. You can see these examples that 10 friends did at my friend Chelsea's birthday partay!

"Prancing Posies and Sad Goldfish" is the original sentence. This one changes quite a bit but in the end, there is still a dead goldfish. You can click the image to zoom in.

"Socrates fell out of Hell into somethig worse, much worse!" In this one, it's almost eerie how the first image translated the original sentence to the next one. It's also eerie how similar the last two drawings are!

"Where did you get that?" This one is so open, but after the first drawing, a chicken somehow really stuck through it even as it changed and the drugs disappeared.

"Peas and Cornbread are the Body of Christ" The interpretations here are very literal but still sooo funny. Good drawings, too! Again, the last two drawings are eerily similar!

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