A digital sketchbook by Angelica Paige.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Virgin Raptor and Culture Shock

Sketch for Cabrones posters. Ryan was a fan of the Kermit fetus of The Creation as Muppet Mythology... and I guess he had dinosaurs on the brain because he wanted a "T-Rex in a chicken egg" and just go from there. So that inspiration led me here somehow. Then when I was looking for some reference on dinos, I ran into this lil hidden nugget of internet culture. So the scene became more than a raptor breast feeding a bird, illustrating the evidence of birds' evolution from dinosaurs. I added the bleeding heart and halo symbols and evolution became a pseudo-religious mythology.
Perhaps I should I fill in those spots on her? We'll see.

Sketch for Culture Shock... working on the lettering.

Sketch for Culture Shock promo T. Maybe too trendy.