A digital sketchbook by Angelica Paige.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Struggling Artist to Blossoming Muse?

We all know it, hear it, say it: "the economy is just bad right now". Even though there's word on the streets things are recovering, it's unseen to these eyes in the middle of Tennessee. When it's hard enough to find the shittiest of day jobs to get by, it's even harder to find success commercially or otherwise, as a young, fresh out of art school. My income as a crafter, experimenting with printed fabrics, has increased slightly... few and far between. But my income has increased much more as not a prop but contributer to other artists- photographers. Photography is medium I myself don't really succeed within, much less dabble in. Yet, I've been working as a model with slow yet ever increasing success lately. It's an odd yet rewarding feeling. The image of my face and body has been more profitable than the images I'm creating, yet I am inspired to continue with what I do by helping others do what they do. I'm trying, beginning, to translate struggling into blossoming. There is a triumph in the fight itself.


Saturday, July 10, 2010


Best/worst pun ever? You decide.

Yes this is on a doctor's office disclaimer.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Woman of the World

I know I've been pushing the humor. I like to be all cheeky. Hell I may even moon you. But there's another side to me. I'm a Gemini if you subscribe to that kind of stuff, so if that's so, let it be an excuse.
I've been drawing more... emotional... "worldly" (if you will) subjects. And here is my woman of the world. Within her adornment is included details from the decoration of women from several different countries in different time periods. Spot them all! Treat it like it's Highlights.
Of course I was inspired by History of Sex on History International. Now that's educational television!